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This page is from a past center director.
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Photo of NAKAMURA Yusuke

April 1995 - January 2011

Message from past director of the center

Nakamura Yusuke

Human genome analysis research aims to make a significant contribution to human society through the development of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, and it is also fundamental research that is essential for the development of biology. The Center for Human Genome Analysis at the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo was established in 1991 as a center of excellence in Japan to promote such projects that are indispensable for the future of medical and biological research. The Human Genome Center building was completed in March 1997, followed by the Comprehensive Research Building in August 2003.

The Human Genome Center has been engaged in world-class advanced research in the fields of genome structure analysis, genome sequencing, and sequencing technology development, as well as providing research materials and providing technical guidance in these fields, and accepting young researchers from all over the country and providing them with educational guidance. In addition, the five information fields of Genome Database, DNA Information Analysis, Sequence Information Processing, Functional Genomics, and Functional Analysis in Silico have been promoting data banking and construction of new databases under international collaboration, while providing genome information to genome researchers and holding seminars for their use. As such, the Center, which currently consists of eight research fields, plays a leading role in the promotion of the Human Genome Project as a center of research materials, technology, and information in Japan, and also functions as an international correspondence group in Japan for the construction of database knowledge bases and mapping and sequencing work that has been started under the international cooperation system. The Center will continue to promote the leading research on genomics in Japan, support many genome researchers throughout the country, and make further efforts to disseminate the results of global genomics research from Japan.

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