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Director IMOTO Seiya

The purpose of human genome research is to contribute to our human society through the diagnosis, prevention, and development of treatment methods for cancer, infectious diseases and other difficult diseases. The mission of the center is to promote this human genome research, greatly develop genomic medicine, and establish a new genomic medicine in the Society 5.0 era, and simultaneously build their foundations.
To that end, we promote genomic medical science, medical informatics, artificial intelligence research for clinical translation of genomic information, and research on ethical, legal, and social issues. In addition, we operate a supercomputer system SHIROKANE for all researchers in life science regardless of academic or non-academic institutions/companies, and at the same time, provide seminars such as technical guidance course for users. We also accept researchers aiming at genomic research from all over the world and provide intensive courses for training.


Message from past center directors

Message from then director of Human Genome Center

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