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Past News in English

2004/04/01 Prof. Sakaki promoted to Director of RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center

2004/04/01 Assoc. Prof. Sugano promoted to Prof. of Grad. School of Frontier Sci., Univ. Tokyo.

2003/11/01 Assoc. Prof. Nakai promoted to Prof. of Lab. Funct. Analysis in silico

2003/07/01 Prof. Kanehisa moved to Lab. Genome Database.

2003/04/01 Prof. Takagi moved to Dept. Comput. Biol., Grad. School of Frontier Sci., Univ. Tokyo.

2003/01/01 Replacement of a supercomputer system

2002/06/19 Release of GENA and TissueDB

2002/06/12 Release of OP (Ontology Project)

2002/02/18 Release of Melina

2001/11/01 Release of DBTSS

2001/03/11 Release of iPSORT

2001/02/10 Release of Signal-Ontology

2001/01/17 Links to the full length cDNA project homepage

2000/11/06 Second Release of DBTBS

2000/09/07 Rel. HypothesisCreator; BLAST support for RefSeq

2000/09/01 Public Release of DBTBS; Support of nr-aa in BACE





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